We are committed to quality workmanship for both our residential and commercial customers. We use top-quality materials and trustworthy local suppliers that reflect our commitment to excellence.  Our valued subcontractors are an integral part of who we are and have been selected for their fine craftsmanship and work ethic.



Mr. Louis Goossen (Goossen Construction, Inc.) has been involved in the building business since 1947. Personally, he began as an electrician, wiring houses and barns as the Rural Electrification Association (REA) swept across the Midwest.

During the years of 1949 through the 1970s, in addition to being a Surge dairy equipment dealer, the company also began to build facilities for dairy and hog operations. It was during this time period that son Marvin officially joined the firm and has remained a very important part of the operation.

Beginning in the early 1980s, the company became heavily involved in the designing and manufacturing of golf course maintenance equipment. The equipment was distributed throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, and Canada. During this time period, the company had two divisions, a construction division and a manufacturing division. The construction division's main focus was directed toward the farm and industrial area of the building trade.

In 1997 the company turned its energy toward development of some property in the southeast quadrant of Beatrice that would become the Flowing Springs Development as an appealing, comfortable place to live. This development has grown to include 110 residences.

Construction on adjoining development, Covered Bridge Heights West, was begun in 2016, and continues today.